Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wedding Wednesday...Workout

Oh my! I just got back from working out with my trainer and my body feels like a long noodle. I can barely stand up. Since I was in high school I have always said I was going to hire a personal trainer the minute I got engaged. Well, that I did and I am SO regreting it now. I am working out with a husband/wife team twice a week and I have never worked so hard in my life! My first day I was so motivated and ready to work as hard as my poor little (big actually) body could handle. I came right from work and was in the best mood ever. My hair was be fixed in a perfect ponytail and I wore the cutest matching exercise outfits. Now, I come in with a frown, my hair looks like I have been napping all day, and I wear the same shirt I slept in the night before. I answer with one word replies and I'm just miserable...I repeat, MISERABLE.

But, today I think I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. A lady at work said, "Wow, you're arms are really toned...what do you do?" All I wanted to do was kiss this lady on the mouth! Yes, I said ON THE MOUTH. All this dreadful working out, complaining and whining to Willy is actually starting to pay off. I've only been doing the workout for about 4 1/2 weeks and people are already noticing small changes? I love it! So, tonight when I went to my session I was actually pleasant for once. I told my trainer that I'm not going to whine or complain tonight. He said I don't complain I just work really hard, so that made me feel a little better. I really thought I was a total pain in the rear, but guess not. We are measuring next week so I will definitely report back on how many inches, if any, I have lost.

Now, off to take a cold shower and have Willy massage my calves...he's ready for me to be done with this mess, I'm sure!


  1. I have always said the exact same thing about getting a trainer! As soon as I get engaged I am going to get really skinny and toned!!! When I get to that point, I will have to come to you to find out who this great trainer is!

  2. I love working out! it really does make you feel so good and you will soon be addicted! Great job on your progress!

  3. Great job! I'm glad it is paying off for you! Hearing that motivates me!
    My boyfriend & I talked about doing a work out bootcamp on the weekend, his coworker and his fiance do it and love it. While I do work out, I've never had a trainer so I'm just nervous!

  4. This is great motivation for me. I really need to get my workout regimen going. I am a little more than 4 months away from saying I DO!

    I have tagged you for the Honest Scrap Award check out my blog

  5. Thanks for the motivation...I need all I can get. Check out my blog, I tagged you.