Thursday, April 23, 2009

My parents

Today is my parents 26th Wedding Anniversary, so I want to say a few things about them.

From as far back as I can remember until now, I have the best childhood memories. Mainly due to having such wonderful parents. They are my advocates, my heros, and my best friends. I find myself saying an extra prayer for them every night praying for their safety, health, and happiness. Their constant encouraging words and loving gestures have made me who I am today. Without them I don't know where I would be.

They were the parents that went to EVERY SINGLE activity I was involved in. They would take off Fridays to drive across the state for cheerleading competitions. Now, they are driving across the state for all of our wedding festivities. My dad was always the fun dad that took all us girls to the beach for spring break. He would just sit back and let us do what we wanted (we were pretty good kids, so we weren't hard to handle). We always had our before pictures for prom at my house. My parents would spend all week fixing up the house. My mom would be inside cleaning and cooking while dad was outside working on the yard. I knew they would love to have everyone over; all I had to do was ask. It's a good thing you can't choose your parents, becuase some other family would've snatched them up :) Me and my brother are very lucky!

I caught them dancing at one of our showers :)

To say their relationship is amazing, is a vast understatement. I truly believe that is the main reason it took me so long to find my 'prince'. Having such a great example throughout my life, all I wanted was half the relationship my parents had. When I found Willy, he reminded me so much of my dad. My dad is understanding, calm, loving, and handy at everything he does. He's is a wonderful father and an amazing husband. My mom is the best listener I've ever met, the only person that calms me down in the blink of an eye, and the only person I know that loves her family as much as she does. My mom's eyes still light up when she talks about or sees my dad. Same with him. My dad doesn't make any decisions without talking to my mom first. They are the best team I have ever seen. Any obstacle they come to, they can get through TOGETHER.

So, today I want to say Happy Anniversary to the best parents in the world!


  1. What a sweet post! Your parents sound wonderful :-) Happy anniversary to them!

  2. what a sweet post! your parents are so cute together!

  3. what a sweet post!! Sounds like they got pretty lucky in the daughter department as well!