Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stock the Bar Shower

So, yes I am a little behind on posting these pictures but I knew I had to go ahead and put them up before this weekend. (3 more parties and showers). Whew!

This is was at one of our best friends' house. They got married July 2008 and we always go on 'couples getaways' with them and one other couple. Something I hope we do until we are grey on the head.

There were about 6 couples helping host the shower, but it was at Pete and LuLu's house. They had everything decorated just perfect! The weather wasn't so good that weekend so they had to move everything in doors. We had so much fun. We are so lucky to have such great friends!

The cute set up.
My sweet Fran posing in front of the food.

Opening our gifts.

Our silly pose on our FAVORITE gift! It's a huge cooler on wheels with all kinds of racks and bottle openers. Can't wait for football season so we can use it.

The girls!

That's all!
Have a great Tuesday!!!


  1. adorable pics! (I have that same white top: ))
    thats an awesome cooler! Where did you register for it at?

  2. So cute! Love your top...smokin! cant wait to see pics from this weeken!

  3. What a great shower!! I love it!!

    You look so cute!! Where'd you find the fab top??

  4. looks like so much fun!! I need that cooler thingy!