Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wedding Wednesday...Gifts!

Now, I was very sceptical about posting these pictures because I know what everyone is going to think....You people are Crazy! And you can think that because we are! When you marry someone from small town, America this is what you get. We are so thankful for every single present we have recieved but I would have never imagined getting this many gifts. I get really nervous at every shower we have because I just don't understand why just because Willy and I decide to get married we deserve all these wonderful things???? I have come to realize that no one would give us these gifts if they really didn't want to. I know our family and friends are so happy for us and they want to shower us with nice things, but a part of me just feels so guilty.

By no means am I complaining because I will admit that everytime I walk into my future MIL's house I get all giddy! The feeling is very overwhelming and so are these pictures!

My FMIL has been so great with everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! She has even gone as far as giving up her enitre dining room and now living room for our gifts. This is what it all looks like.

These are all our fun beach entertaining pieces.

This is our everday pattern.

This is our luggage and a picture we'll have signed at the rehearsal dinner.

Ok, so now that you have seen everything...Don't Judge Please :) I just had to let the world see all this craziness!!!


  1. WOW!! I love the monogramed aprons and towels!! Too cute!

  2. wow lucky girl! love everything!

  3. Evidence of how awesome "small town America" is! What wonderful family and friends you have, with great taste! :) Coming from a small town myself, I can testify there's nothing better! When DW and I got married, I had to write over 400 thank you's for gifts! Like you said, very overwhelming and quite humbling. Just when you get over everyone's thoughtfulness, you have a baby and they're right there doing it again! (AND AGAIN with the second!:) You're one blessed bride!

  4. You are so lucky! I understand since I am from small town, America too!

  5. oh my gosh! I love how you are displaying everything...hahaha! You have gotten so many great things! Congratulations!

  6. I love your beach entertaining platters... who makes the crab dish? I think I want to register for something similar :)