Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Besties, birthdays, and babies!

So, last night Jim and I drove to Statesboro to see my bestie Fran for her birthday. Last year on her birthday she had just moved out from living with me in Savannah to go back to school to get her Masters, so I drove to Statesboro to suprise her and just be with her on her birthday. This is a picture of us last year.

This year I just wanted to visit her because I missed her! Jim and I got there just in time for dinner and we had such a great time with Fran and her boyfriend Zach. We brought cupcakes and petifores (I have no idea how to spell that) for everyone to enjoy after dinner. We only stayed through dinner but it was well worth the drive. I just love spending any time I get with her.

So, me and one of my other besties Whitney always talk about who is going to be first to pop out a baby. We always spit out names saying "she'll be first....no no no she'll be first". It's so exciting to talk about weddings and babies expecially when they are your best friends. Well, Whitney called me a few weeks ago and was like "I keep getting sick in the mornings but I think its just stress from work and what I've been eating". She called every morning for about 4 or 5 days saying that same thing. I tried to act like it was nothing, but deep down I was praying for a little one! Well, a few days later she called and said "Ok, nevermind I'm good". So we just dropped it all. Haven't talked about babies in a few weeks. Well, I get a call yesterday and Whitney says "So, I'm going to be a mommy!", and I promise you I almost dropped the phone! I was so doggone excited!!! Whitney and Jason got married last year and they are the sweetest most parent-perfect people I know. They are going to be fantastic parents. Whitney has always babysat and always knows how to deal with kids so well. I am so glad she is the first one out of all of our friends, because I truly think we can all learn and great deal from her.

Our husbands are cousins so when Jim and I got married and I guess that made me and Whitney cousins. I love it! Now, I can call that little one brewing my wittle cousin! YAY!!!!

Here's a picture of us 4 at one of their wedding showers.

This is me and Whitney at her bachelorette party here in Savannah. We did an 80's wedding theme. Yes, we went out like that. So fun!

And this is the cute mommy-to-be at mine and Jim's wedding. I think the little one was in there then :)

I hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday.


  1. awww congrats to her! the pics are great!

  2. great pictures! how exciting about the baby!