Friday, June 5, 2009


Since the weather is so yucky here in Savannah, I am just imagining myself back in Costa Rica. Here are some fun pics from our amazing honeymoon.

These were the trucks that rode around the resort 24/7 to take you wherever you wanted to go.
Before our sunset cruise.
The boats were beautiful. And yes, Jim is carrying our laundry bag from the room to hold his beer. "Allison, I can't be on the water without a beer".

Me with the captain of our boat.

My sweet husband.

This is the car we rented for a day to take into the town of Tamarindo. It was so interesting to see how the locals live.

At the karaoke bar.

Fellow honeymooners we met. Singing karaoke. I think this was 'Summer Nights'.

We did a zip line tour through the jungle. So hot but so fun!

Before going to dinner one night. They had 6 restaraunts and we made it to all of them!

Riding horses on the beach at sunset.

Outside our suite.

We loved riding bikes around the resort.

The Casino. We went here every night while waiting on our dinner reservations. I won $200 and Jim won about $100. We did good!

He's in Heaven at any casino.

Our cute towels my MIL made for us.

Me drinking my Miami Vices :)

Before we went snorkeling in the Pacific. Crystal clear water. It was great!

This was our last day :(

Oh, and the tracked lighting looks great! I'll post pictures next week. And, I'm an idiot and thought the jewelry party was last night when actually its not until next week :)
I hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy Friday!


  1. yall did some super fun things! love the horses so pretty! and you guys look sooooo happy! : )

  2. What gorgeous pictures!! I am insanely jealous you got to go horseback riding on the beach! I am DYING to do this!

  3. Ha! Your husband sounds like mine with the beer as a top priority. Did they not have beer on the boat for him?