Monday, July 13, 2009

Sweet Summer Weekends

This weekend was great! I didn't have high expectations for the weekend, because I know how serious the guys get with these golf tournaments. But, thank goodness all the wives were there with me. Friday night we just cooked out at our friends' house and caught up with everyone. She did such a great job decorating and he did such a great job cooking. Everything was so cute and yummy.

This was their backyard before everyone really got there.

This is the Jim and P practicing in the backyard.

And a little pose before everyone else arrived. They were making fun of the fact that I made them pose.

My besties.

Saturday morning the guys had to tee off at 8am. Well, I didn't even get out of the bed until 9 so me and my MIL made the boys sausage balls the night before. I made each guy a little ziplock with their own sausage balls. They later thanked me after 5 hours of golf. They were hungry.

Here's a picture of Jim and his brother, Richard on the course. Pretty Pretty day.
While the guys were in the heat us girls were in the pool. We just laid around waiting on them for lunch drinking our Miami Vices. I don't do pictures of me in a bathing suit, so no pool pics :)

Saturday night we went to a shower of some friends of ours and then we headed back to the country club. All in all, the weekend was perfect! We got to hang out with friends, eat good food, get good sun, and enjoy this beautiful summer weather.

The best part of my weekend was coming home to do this with my hubby...

Reading our books in bed. Best way to recover from a busy weekend!

Happy Monday!


  1. We love reading in bed, too. What are you reading? I just ordered American Wife...

  2. looks like a great weekend! What are you reading?

  3. I love that last picture!! That's my favorite way to end a great day :)

  4. Love that last picture! So sweet :)

  5. That back yard looks so perfect for a get-together. I love all those tables set up. Perfect! And what a sweet picture at the end with y'all reading.