Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Totally pooped

So, this new migraine medicine I have been on has totally pooped me out. I don't have the energy to work (never do), to think, or to blog. But, I'm going to give the blogging thing a try today. I have bunch of random thoughts today.

First off, OUCH!!!!!! I gave into the whole eyebrow threading thing Monday and all I have to say is OUCH!!!! That poor little girl was so sweet, but I was almost in tears. I am a huge baby when it comes to stuff like this so don't take my word on anything I am saying. I couldn't help but ask her every 5 minutes "are we almost done?" "does it hurt everyone this much?". I think I kept her amused. It was all worth it in the end not only because of the 10 minute facial massage she did afterwards, but because my eyebrows really did look great. And they still do. She said I shouldn't have to go back for another 5 weeks. Wow! That's huge for me! I usually have unibrow growing within 3 weeks. Everyone says I will get used to the pain. We'll see about that.

This weekend Jim and I are heading to Atlanta for a wedding. One of Jim's very best freind's from home is getting married so we are heading up there early on Friday afternoon. I am excited because I am meeting my bff at the mall on Saturday who will be in town for the day as well. The wedding will be fun too. We will get to see a lot of our college friends. Always fun getting together with all of them.

Speaking of shopping, Jim and I have decided to do the Dave Ramsey classes at one of the local churches here in Savannah. I am really excited about it because we really have been doing good with our finances (with the money we don't have) and I want to keep it up and really save more. Jim's dad is sending us the book and we have picked up bits and pieces of the program but I want to do the entire thing. Any thoughts on this? Anyone already done it?

I am in the process of planning a wedding shower for one of my friends. I can't wait to post the invitations for you all to see!!!!

Hopefully, I will have that done by tomorrow.

Jim is working a 12 hour day today and I feel so bad for him :( I should probably think of something sweet to do for him. Hmmm... Any ideas?

Anyway, Happy Hump Day everyone!


  1. The Dave Ramsey program is great! Can't wait to hear how you like! You are a bigger woman than me to try threading! I don't think I'd make it through! Love the pic!

  2. I love the Dave Ramsey program!! I listen to his show as a podcast everyday!! That picture is too cute!

  3. My almost BIL did that and he swears by it! No credit cards for him! I've wanted to try threading but I have no pain tolerance haha you are a strong woman!

  4. I want to try threading but I'm afraid of the pain so I have chickened out!

  5. oo i am terrified of the threading! but i keep hearing how great the results are

  6. We did FPU (Financial Peace University) before we were married and it was such a Godsend. It was great to be on the same page financially before we were married - no surprises :)

    Definitely worth the time and money spent to take the course! Good luck!

  7. We're fixing to do this through our church as well. We really wanted to do it last time they did it, and somehow missed the deadline, but we're super stoked to do it. I have heard only great things.

  8. Hi - would you be able to tell me where in Savannah you went to get your brows threaded? I'm in Hilton Head and haven't been able to find anywhere in the area that does it.