Monday, November 30, 2009

Our First Thanksgiving!

I didn't take any pictures....Oh my! What was I thinking?

We had a great Thanksgiving though. Lots of food, family, laughing and fun! We honestly didn't leave the house much. We got to Jim's hometown Wednesday and sat around the house. I helped his mom get all the food together for Thursday. We ran to the grocery store, to the movie store, and stopped my his grandmothers house. After cooking, we watched the movie Taken. Not so much a holiday movie, but a great one! Disturbing, but great!

Everyone came to the house on Thursday and we had such a great time! Jim's uncle and cousins came from South Carolina so it was nice seeing them. The guys were outside frying the turkey while the girls staying inside cooking/baking. After everyone ate so much we were miserable, the guys watched football and the girls had craft time. We made a wreath out of ornaments. Came out just cute as can be!

Friday we ate more, sat around, shopped a little, and went to dinner with some friends. Saturday my MIL and I really racked up on some Christmas decorations. I had never been in this store before, but I sure am glad I did. She got me the cutest stuff ever for our house. I was so excited to go home and decorate.

Jim and I headed back to Savannah that afternoon and immediately started decorating. We turned the Christmas music up full blast and got it done within a few hours. Of course, we had to turn the tv on every 30 minutes to catch the football scores.

Later that night we went to Loco's for dinner and drinks with friends to watch the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game. We had a really good time. It's great being back at home.

Now I just can't wait for Christmas!!!!! I'll post pictures of our decorations soon!

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