Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Birdie

No, I'm talking about some juicy gossip a little birdie told me or a crazy "tweet" from Twitter. I am talking about a LIVE BIRD getting into our house this morning.
Jim and I woke up this morning to go walking and when we got back I was still hot so I left the door open while I was getting breakfast together. I look over and there was a darn bird flying in the living room. You would've thought I saw a bear. I screamed so loud which scared the mess out of Jim and then he screamed. hahaha! I'm laughing right now just thinking about what we looked like. Jim runs to get the broom while the bird is flying around like a crazy bat (which for a second I thought was one).
The bird flew around for a good 5 minutes, which felt like 30 while I was in the bathroom screaming "Is it out yet??????". Jim finally brushed it out. Wheww.
Something about birds don't sit well with me. They are so unpredictable. So basically, I am still looking over my shoulder as we speak.
Way to start the weekend off, right?
Happy Friday!!!!

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