Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Project: 10/10/10

Corn stalks and flower boxes! That's what we did. We actually did a lot more to the yard but we have so far to go.

This is the corn stalks we put up. I need to tie them together tigther...but you get the picture.

Our flower boxes that Jim and his friend Preston help do. They were such troopers.

And more. These are supposed to get pretty big.

And voila! Dont' judge the yard. Jim's cutting it today :)

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!


  1. It all looks fabulous!! And I'm loving the white pumpkins

  2. I love it all!! Especially the pumpkin with your house number! Too cute!

  3. CUTE! Love the front porch with the stalks and pumpkins! What is written on the pumpkins on the steps?

  4. i love your blog very inspiring :)