Monday, January 10, 2011

Our weekend...and other stuff

This weekend we actually stayed home....what? I can't believe it! As much as I love traveling on the weekends to see my family and friends, I equally enjoy staying home and not having any plans.

Friday night Jim and I just cooked a delicious meal and then watched a movie and laid in the bed. We both put on our pjs the minute we got home from work and didn't take them off until the next morning. It was great!

This is a picture capturing our eventful night :) Jim reading his book and me watching Lifetime.

Jim had to work all day Saturday, so I woke up and went to a body conditioning class at the YMCA. I'm still sore. I came home cleaned the house and took a nap.

That night we had a few friends over to cookout and I didn't take one picture :( We had such a good time laughing, talking, and of course eating.

Sunday morning we slept through our alarm to go to church. I have no idea how or why because we were in bed by midnight and had plenty of sleep. So we woke up and Jim cooked breakfast and then we worked in our friends yard ALL day. Jim is usually her "yard man", but I didn't want to sit home all day again so I helped out.

Last week I got my early birthday present from Jim! It came in this box.....

And turned into this.... a cowhide rug!!
My mom and I saw a cowhide rug for sale (way too expensive there) at an antique store and I fell in love. I would've never thought I would have an animal rug in my house, but I love it! I found it online for a great price and Jim ordered it for my bday.
The sailboat pictures on the wall were included in that as well.
Our formal living room is done!!! Well, once I get curtains it will be :)
Happy Monday!!


  1. I love it! Sounds like a great weekend! THe rug is great!

  2. hey girl! i gave you an award on my page! :) make sure you check it out!

  3. Love your decorating style!
    I would call it coastal ~ modern ~ chic

  4. The cow rug is awesome! Love, love, love!
    Kristina J.

  5. Are you Tibia? I came across "Life of a Savannah Wife" by accident on a blog roll. I love your decorating style. thanks for following my Lulabelle in the Low Country blog. If you like that, you may also enjoy my other blog: