Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Jim and I always have so much at my parents house. We usually go to their lakehouse, but this weekend we had to stay and get ready for the Easter festivities my parents always do at their house.

We did a little shopping, mom and I got our nails done, Jim and dad worked in the yard and we cooked cooked cooked!

Sunday morning we went to the early service and then came back to wait on everyone to come.

This is my sweet mom cooking.

My 16 year old nephew (oh the days of being too cool to smile for the camera) ha!

Jim helping us out in the kitchen.
Jim and I with my parents.
My sister in law and her new niece.

My aunt, my dad, and my uncle.

Playing games. We did the spoon and egg race, the egg toss and the 3 legged race. So fun!

My husband watching all the games.

Perfect weekend with my family!


  1. glad you had a good Easter weekend! I'm thinking those games were FUN!! I wish my family did that!!

  2. What a LOVELY weekend! I love that you all played all of those games! :)

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