Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost there...

Today has been such a fun day! Me and my maid-of-honor just spent the day shopping around town. I swear we laughed 75% of the time. She lives 6 hours away from me so the holidays we try to spend a good full day together. We finished up our Christmas gifts and then we ate lunch at our favorite little restuarant since high school. It's actually a pharmacy and a little hole in the wall, but absolutely delish. We then went to this cute little stationary shop and finished picking out all of my wedding bull jazz. I loved having all her input. I am so excited with the progress I made today!

She then dropped me off at a restaurant where I ate dinner with my parents. Mom and I are about to watch a 'Fa La La La Lifetime" movie and drink hot chocolate by the fire.

I just love the Holidays!!!

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