Friday, December 26, 2008

You can find me here...

We're packing our bags and getting the dog ready to head up to my parent's lake house. It is so not the season to be on the water, but once you get there it's so relaxing. There is nothing like drinking coffee on the dock in the morning, fishing in the afternoon, and cooking out with the family at night. This is place is one of the main reasons Willy and I want to move back to my hometown. We can't get enough of it.

Willy and I will also be spending New Year's up here. We are so over spending all of our Christmas money on one night. I mean, what's all the hype? This year we will be with my entire family, including my brother, sis in law, and nephews. We will probably grill something and shoot fireworks. They do a great firework show by the dam, so we'll hop on the boat and head that way at about 11:50pm on NYE.

Can't wait! I'll report back soon!


  1. That picture is beautiful :) I feel like I want to take a vacation there!!! Hope you had a nice holiday!


  2. I am all for relaxing new years. I stopped the whole party thing when i graduated because I could no longer afford to blow that much money right after Christmas.

  3. Hi and welcome to blog world,

    I am getting married in Savannah as well.