Thursday, January 15, 2009

I know it's not WW, but I need help!

So, yesterday I was asked to be in a bridal show! Me? Size 6-8 modeling wedding dresses? What? I was thrilled but also a little nervous. Me and two of my friends are going today to get sized for the show next weekend. So fun! The only logic I could get from them asking us 'normal' sized girls was that wedding dresses are made to fit bigger girls, so that everyone can try them on when shopping for a dress. When I bought my dress I fit in just about every dress. They had to pin a few, but the majority of them fit like a glove. The store is called BleuBelle Bridal and they are fantastic. I didn't get my dress from them, but I'm thinking about getting my veil there. I will report back to let you know if I got one.
Since this place is very nice I will not be purchasing my shoes from there. Any suggestions where I can get comfortable shoes for my wedding, maybe with a 2 inch heel? My dress is all lace and fitted pretty snug so I think the shoes will show when I'm walking. I still don't want to buy expensive shoes. Comfort is wayyyy more important to me. I decide on a style.

Any thoughts? Should I do the strappy type? Should I do no straps? I have no idea! Help!


  1. oh my gosh how much fun your going to have modeling wedding dresses! That's so great!!

    I got my shoes from ebay and they were JCrew...I LOVED them!!! What are your colors? Have you thought about a fun bright color for your shoe???

  2. I love the last shoe! What time of day is the wedding? If it is an evening wedding I would go with shoe 3, but if it is an afternoon wedding go with shoe 1. Congrats on being invited to model in a show! Is it in Savannah?

  3. I'm new to your blog and just wanted to place my vote on the shoes (they are a HUGE weakness of mine!). I love the last ones best. You should also check the J Crew sales and the Nordstrom's sales online.

  4. the last ones look the most comfty! have a blast in the show!!