Monday, January 19, 2009

It's official

Willy finally got a job in Savannah!!!!!!!!! He starts February 2nd. I have never been so excited. He will be working as an associate registrar at a local university here in Savannah. We started off dating in college so of course we were in the same town at all times. I definitely took that time for granted. I graduated in 2006 and moved straight to Savannah while Willy finished school. He couldn't find a job here after graduating so he moved home to save some money. I sure am glad he did that because I don't think he could've afforded my ring if he was paying rent/mortgage somewhere. So, we have been apart since 2006 :( Well, NO MORE!

We are meeting for lunch today (yes, I had to work...why do people need physical therapy on a holiday? ugh) and then we are going house hunting. We are doing the whole traditional thing of not living together before we get married blah blah blah, so we need to find somewhere he can live cheaply until May 16th. We actually have a lot to do today. We need to order the suits for the groomsmen, find Willy a house, and look for new living room furniture.

Just another day in paradise I suppose.


  1. I just got into a long distance relationship! I am actually moving to be close to him in 7 months we see the end to the madness! Congrats on the job and the non long distance thing anymore!

    I gave you an award! Check out my blog to get it! ; )

  2. Congrats! You must be so relieved!

  3. Congrats! I know you must be counting the days until the wedding!