Thursday, February 26, 2009

Proud Purchase

Since being engaged, I have really cut back on my personal shoppping. Hardest thing to do! I guess this is something I need to get used to. When I have any spare cash lately I have been putting it all towards wedding stuff, but this was one heck of a deal I couldn't pass up. We carried this dress in the little boutique I worked for over the holidays and it was priced at $298. I would walk by it, adore it, and then just laugh when I saw the price tag. Well, I was just parousing the internet, like I do daily, and found the same dress on sale for $49.99! What??? French Connection had a few things on sale that I liked, but since I've seen this dress in person I KNEW it was cute, so I ordered it. I'm so excited. Here's a picture.

The picture really doesn't do this dress justice. I don't think I would've ordered this dress if I hadn't seen it in person. It's a really pretty dark slate color and it has really pretty beading around the neck. The ruffles on the bottom are too cute. When I tried it on in our store I put a cute thin belt with it, which made it even cuter.

Now, if this shirt would go on sale I can get it :) I want to use it as a bathing suit cover up with some cute white shorts on the honeymoon!

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Hey! I've tried emailing you but it's getting returned undeliverable - do you have another email address? Love those outfits!

  2. LOOOOOVE THE DRESS! i love anything with feathers!!