Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just a few things

So, I have a few things to post about. #1 Some of our furniture arrived yesterday! I was so thrilled! Only the end tables, coffee table, sofa table, and ottoman came and my living room already looks crammed! The sofa and the chair should be here in a few weeks. What is a girl to do? Rent out the condo? Just buy another house? Put my big girl panties on and be a big girl? I should've never ordered this furniture without being in a big house. I already have a 'Honey Do" list for Willy. We will be painting the kitchen and dining area this weekend, picking out curtains and fabric for the living room, eventually painting the kitchen table to match the antique white furniture, and covering the kitchen chairs. I'm so anxious to get started...Willy wants to strangle me. "You and your projects" is what he says. I will be sure to post pictures (before and after) when everything is done.

#2 Our new hobby....Kayaking. When Willy and I went to visit my parents this weekend we went to their lake house and learned to kayak. What a fun little hobby. Let me tell, it's no joke. My arms were a little sore after getting done. My dad is the ultimate health/physical freak. He's always doing something to get in shape and stay healthy. Me and my mom are usually the ones just sitting back watching him indulge himself in his new hobbies. But, this one I really like. Since Willy and I are so close to the beach, we want to go on this kayak trail once it warms up a little. Supposedly, there is a really great tour you can go on with a guide all through the marshes of Tybee Island. Here are a few pics from our 1st kayaking experience.

Here's my dad...the pro kayak-er.

Here are Willy and I....the rookies.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. love love your blog, new follower :)

  2. I'm so jealous ya'll already have a house!

  3. Ok so it won't let me comment on the "Proud Purchase" post!!!! So glad you found did I not know about your blog:)