Monday, March 16, 2009

2 months!!!!

So, Willy doesn't have to go into work until 11:00am today, so of course I gave him a to do list. Since we only have 2 months until the wedding these last minute details HAVE got to get done. We have got to buckle down and quit putting these off. Today he is ordering the shoes for him and the groomsmen. Willy he is a huge golf fanatic so he really wants to carry out the golf theme throughout the wedding. So, the guys will be wearing spikeless golf shoes. His mom ordered the ties and they came in last week. We saw them this weekend and I am so happy with them! So is Willy, that was the main thing he was concerned with was the ties. I wanted them pink to match the bmaids' flowers and he wanted them related to golf. Well, we both got our wishes. The ties are Vineyard Vines and they look great! He will be giving these to his groomsmen, dads, and ushers as a gift. Let me tell you...that was not a cheap gift! I am so thankful for his mom handling all that. Below is the full suit/outfit Willy, the groomsmen, and the dads will wear. I just love it. Springy and casual, just like the rest of the wedding.

Oh, and our invitations came in and I will post pictures Wednesday. They look amazing!!!! Happy Monday!


  1. I, SJN, alias Golf Gal and Wedding planner ( love what your Groomsmen are wearing! Golf incorporated into your wedding, Fabulous idea!

  2. what a small world! check my comment on your old post talking about your choice of wedding photographer.

  3. I absolutely CAN NOT wait to see pictures!! You're wedding is going to be FABULOUS!!