Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day in Savannah

Can I just tell you that Savannah GA totally shuts down for St. Patrick's Day??? It is the crazinest thing I have ever heard of. When I say shuts down, I mean everywhere is a ghost town except downtown Savannah where the parade is. The schools are closed, every local business is closed, and the colleges are closed (where Willy works). Medical facilities are the only places not closed....which includes me. People still need physical therapy on St. Patty's Day. So, needless to say, Willy is downtown at the parade with all of our friends and I am at work. I'm not too fond of getting up at 6am to be downtown at 7am with thousands of people so I'm okay with being at work for a few hours. I will probably head down there after the parade is over around lunch time. Willy just called and said that his friends were down there at 5am and they have a great spot on one of the squares downtown. Wow! Now, thats dedication.

Here are a few pictures of the previous years in Savannah. Did I mention we dye the Savannah River Green and even our newspaper is GREEN. And, I mean the entire paper is green! It is all kind of fun!

Happy St. Patty's Day to everyone!


  1. I would love to experience a St. Paddy's Day in Savannah - I've heard it's so much fun!

  2. it's a beautiful day, go have fun, but drive carefully! Watch out for those crazy Irishmen, especially since everyone is Irish today!

  3. I've been and it was sooooo much fun. I miss it :( Lucky Lucky girl! Have fun!

  4. This is totally off the subject but my husband and I are coming to Savannah in April for our 9th anniversary, any ideas on things to do, see, eat, etc... you can email me at andrewsfab@ftc-i.net

  5. So fun, I wish Austin celebrated as big for St. Patricks day!

  6. wow thats crazy the whole town shuts down! I bet its fun though!!