Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wedding Wednesday- My Sweet Bridesmaids

I figured I would tell you all about the girls who got me where I am amazing bridesmaids. These truly are the best friends anyone could ask for. They have stuck by my side through thick and thin and have been my rock. I had the best group of friends in high school and luckily found a very similar group in college. They are so beautiful inside and out and are all so much fun! The memories we all have shared will stay with me forever. I pray my kids have friends like I have. I hope we all still get together and go on family vacations and act like we did in college (minus a few drinks).

This is Kelly and she is my maid of honor. Kelly and I became best friends the first day she moved to Columbus in 6th grade. We have stayed best friends ever since. Even though we attended different colleges, its like nothing has changed every time we get together. Kelly went to the University of Georgia and now lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee.

This is Claire and we became best friends when we both made the JV cheerleading squad our freshman year. She went to Auburn University and now lives in Columbus with her husband.

This is Molly, nickname Mot. Mot and I became best friends in high school when the girls from her middle school and the girls from my middle school started to hang out. We quickly realized that we were all just alike and loved hanging out. We were a 'click' haha, all throughout high school. Mot went to the University of Georgia and currently lives in Athens, Georgia.

This is Carrie. Carrie and I also became best friends when we made the JV cheerleading squad. Carrie attended the University of Alabama and currently lives in Tuscaloosa Alabama with her husband.

This is Fran who I lived with when I first moved to Savannah. She and I both pledged Alpha Delta Pi the same year and have been friends ever since. Fran is currently living in Statesboro Georgia while getting her Masters degree.

This is Meredith. My crazy, obnoxious, but so much fun friend. She is my exact opposite and my best friend! We both pledged the same year and lived together in college. She currently lives and works in Charleston South Carolina.

This is Belle. Belle and I met through one of my other bridesmaids while in college. Belle and I hit it off the minute we met and have stayed best friends since that day. Belle lived in Savannah for a few years and then moved back to her hometown where she now lives with her husband. I miss her terribly :(

This is Ellen. Ellen and I also pledged together and were roommates in college. She will also be singing in the wedding. She is amazing! Ellen lives in Milledgeville and works in Warner Robins Georgia.

This Mary Frances, we call her Franny. Franny and I met during rush in college. We ended up pledging together and became bf's immediately. She also lived in Savannah for a few years and now works in Atlanta as a nurse. I took the time she lived here for granted :( I miss her too!

This is Whitney. Whitney and I also pledged together and becamse best friends immediately. Her husband and Willy are cousins so we have always been close. She currently lives in Swainsboro with her husband.

I will say that choosing bridesmaids was the hardest decision I've had to make in a long time. I have so many best friends but I thought I would look a little silly having 15 bmaids :)

But, aren't they all just precious! I can't wait to have them next to me on the BIG DAY!


  1. You have a beautiful bridal party!

    I left you a little something on my blog :)

  2. What a sweet post. Have you thought about including little bios like these in your wedding program?

  3. yall are all so cute! pretty bridal party! i couldnt imagine picking bridesmaids ; )

  4. what a super sweet post! Your bridal party is beautiful!

  5. I left something for you on my blog!