Monday, March 23, 2009

Lazy and Productive Weekend

But, how could this be? Well, when I say lazy I mean we didn't have any where to be or anything to do this weekend. That was a really great feeling. Willy and I cooked out with friends both Friday and Saturday night. I just love doing this because we are all home and in the bed by 11pm. Saturday morning Willy cooked breakfast while I drank my coffee in bed and we ate it on our newly decorated back porch. The weather was perfect and I felt like I was at a restaurant in my pajamas. I just washed clothes and sheets, cleaned the house and Willy watched basketball with his friends at a sports bar up the street. Sunday was our productive day. We tried out this really great church that we've been eyeing for a while and we both fell in love! It felt so much like our churches from home and we felt so comfortable. Hopefully, we will be going to a couple's bible study Tuesday night. After church we went to Bed Bath & Beyond and got some really pretty curtains for the living room (pictures will come upon completion :) ) . We bought our pretty paint for the kitchen and eating area last week and Willy talked to one of his friends who is going to paint it all for FREE! AHH! I was estatic. He thinks my roommate is pretty so I think he just wants to see her...haha! We cleaned off all the countertops and all ready for the paint to be done on Tuesday. I can't wait! The last productive thing we did yesterday was lay in bed and write Thank You notes from the previous showers we've had. I am SO glad all that is done. Whew!

Well, I guess I should be productive at work today :( Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. thanks for your sweet comment! That wreath was SUPER easy. I bought a green wreath form, bag of reindeer moss, and bag of plastic robin eggs from Michaels. Thats also where I got that "W" from (it was foam). I used my hot glue gun to cover the wreath and letter in moss. Then glued on the eggs and tied a ribbon! Super easy. Just be careful with the hot glue gun if you decide to make one! You don't need any scars from burn blisters on your hands in your wedding photos... that would NOT be pretty in the close ups of the rings!!! :)