Monday, March 2, 2009


Well, it's time to decide on programs for the wedding. I haven't really given these much thought, but I figured I should be getting on this considering the wedding is 2 1/2 months away!!! Wow!!! I can't believe it!!! Programs have been the last thing on my mind, but I really want to get them out of the way. I have been searching the internet and these are a few I like. Of course, I will have them made with our colors.

My budget is quickly being depleted, so I need to go about choosing my programs in the most cost effective way. Any ideas? What did you other brides use? Did you make them yourselves or have them made? I need help!!!!!!!


  1. its really quite easy to make these yourself.. if you have a printer that can print on cardtock then that would be the easiest way to go. I had problem finding the right ribbon, lots of the ones i liked wouldnt tie right. My favs are the first and third.

  2. I know I told you the opposite yesterday, but I like those square ones!!!

  3. My mom and I made mine. You can see them here.....