Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Showers

How cute and comfy does this bedding look? I would really like to be here right now. The weather is terrible and I am so tired from working out this morning!
Willy has to work late tonight, so I'm thinking about making a barbeque chicken pizza for him when he gets home. I am going to make it as low fat as possible. I bought whole wheat crust, some low fat sauce, a rottiserie chicken (without the skin) and 2% mozarella cheese. We'll see how this goes. For dessert, I am making fat free istant pudding and dipping strawberries in it. Yummy! Well, for low fat, its yummy.
Happy Muggy Thursday!


  1. I love strawberries and pudding for a guilt-free delish snack!!

    I hope you have a great night!! :)

  2. very lo-cal dessert, way to go!
    come over and enter my contest, you'll love it!