Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wedding Wednesday...Invitations!!!!

We got our invitations and I absolutely love them! I didn't want to ruin the surprise by posting them on here, but they are being delivered this week so I figured it couldn't hurt anything. Savannah Redtops has done most of our stationary sutff for the wedding and she has done an amazing job! She is so talented and creative! If any of you need stationary, invitations, holiday cards, or anything related to that you REALLY need to let her design you something.

I'm really embarrased about this picture but I wanted to show Willy and I assembling everything. This was taken at my MIL's house early in the morning (by early I mean 9am). ha!

These are the invitations. You can't really see it, but it's the same flower we used on our Save the Date magnets.

This is the reply card with the same flower carried over.

This is everything together. Including the stamp that I ordered on to match it all. I just uploaded the image and they mailed me 500 of them! It was so easy and so cute!

These are the stamps.

I am so excited to mail out the invitations! We got our rehearsal dinner invites in and they are so gosh darn cute too! I will get pictures of those soon and upload them .
Today I received the quote from my florist and holy cow!!!! I almost had a stroke in the middle of reading the email. Why are flowers so expensive? I guess I just didn't realize how much money it really takes to have a wedding. I am currently doing some brainstorming trying to find ways to cut back on the flowers. It breaks my heart to do that though. I wanted simple but elegant flowers and I wanted to walk in the ceremony and reception and just gasp because of the beautiful flowers. I hope I will still do that after cutting back. I will let everyone know how that goes.
Happy WW!


  1. I felt the same way after seeing my florist's quote. To cut back, you can reuse the flowers from the church and make sure they're in season. I was going to use green hydrangea, but the florist told me I could save $ by going with white... at the time of our wedding green hydrangea won't be as big as white and therefore we'd need more which would mean more $.

  2. they are beautiful!
    my florist quote was one of my scariest!

  3. the invitations are gorgeous! glad you got matching stamps...perfect!
    let us know about the flowers...I need to know money saving tips for the future : ) I am sure you will end up with flowers that you love!

  4. I love your invitations and everything matching. They are so cute!
    As far as flowers, it can be quite a shock! I was lucky because my mother in law did my flowers so I got them at cost. But they still were not cheap. Good Luck finding some savings.

  5. Who are you using for your flowers?

  6. Thanks for mentioning me! I loved how they turned out! I'll do a post about them too!

  7. Oh, I LOVE the invitations! So pretty. And the stamps? Well thats just darling. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE little details and they are perfect!!
    Flowers are so expensive, but worth it! Along with a good phtographer. If was going to splurge on anything it would be those two things! Of course, the food is important, too... MAN having a wedding IS expensive! That didnt help any, did it?!?!? :)
    Love the invitations!