Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I really haven't thought much about this because the wedding is definitely my main focus. And, without knowing where we are going, its hard for me to plan anything. I was at Old Navy the other day and picked up these cute towels for me and Willy.

I gave them to my future MIL to put our names on them...Mr. ____ on the blue towel in yellow writing and Mrs. ____ on the yellow towel in pink writing. I can't wait! Willy may not like them, but I sure do!

I'm in a panic now because I haven't found anything to wear while we are there! I don't have any bathing suit cover ups or any cute dresses to wear.

I saw these shoes last time I was home and I love them. I have a dress that would look with these.

I saw this on the VS website and thought it might be a cute casual cover up.

This picture is a little small, but I love this dress too! It would be perfect for a nice dinner date.

My wish list continues to grow everyday, but my wallet is slowly but surely depleting. Oh what to do!

The top item on my list to buy is some DRAMAMINE! I don't know why, but I get so air sick and it is miserable. I really hope I don't forget this!

Well, I'm off to do some more internet shopping. Happy Tuesday!


  1. honeymoon clothes shopping is so fun! love those sandles! those towells are adorable too!

  2. Fun! I love those beach towels! I would just go through your closet and see what works, and then try to find some cute items at the mall or online. Forever 21 has some really cute (and cheap) dresses right now. One of my coworkers got the cutest cocktail dress for a cruise this summer for only $30. You will look fabulous! I have to say I would be freaking out right now if I didn't know where I was going. Willy is so romantic to do this though.

  3. Just saw that you were following my blog so I wanted to stop by and say HI! Love your blog and I LOVE the pic of you and your Fi on the red bench! So precious!!

    Can't wait to read more of your blogging wedding adventure! The shoes and cover-up you have picked out is adorable! I loved honeymoon shopping!