Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh so Nervous

So, our Bachelor/Bachelorette parties are this weekend and I'm a little worried. My friends are so much fun, but there are a few I am worried about. I'm worried they are going to either A. embarrass me by making me do something silly (which is expected and perfectly fine) B. make me sick (I can't hang like I used to, but I'm going to try) C. make me wear vulgar things all weekend (which I KNOW will happen). I have been to so many other bachelorett parties and they have been so much fun, but now that it's mine I'm SO nervous!

We are staying the night in Macon tonight and driving to Nashville tomorrow morning. My sweet friends have taken the day off tomorrow so we can make the drive. So sweet. My maid of honor Kelly lives in Nashville, so we will be staying at her house. There are about 18 of us going! Ahhh! I'm so excited! Here are a few pictures of some past parties we've been on.
This was us in New York last summer for my friend LuLu. We had a great weekend full of eating, shopping and going out.
This is in Destin, Florida for my freind Belle's bach party. Such a fun weekend!
This is us a local bar singing away!
This was at our friend Laura's bach party in Atlanta. We all had these silly masks on.

The boys are leaving for Atlanta tomorrow. They are all big Braves fans, so they will be going to a Braves game on Saturday (weather permitting). If it rains, they will be going to play something called Wirley Ball? I may have that spelling wrong, but Willy explained it to be something about a mix between bumper cars and lacrosse? I'd love to see pictures of that but boys are never good at taking pictures. Most of the guys going on his trip have wives/girlfriends/fiances that will be going on mine so this is going to be interesting.
I will be sure to post pictures upon return. Wish me Luck!


  1. So cute. I was nervous about mine too but it was all fine. I know yours will be too!

  2. oh my gosh you are going to have such a great time! I can't wait to see the pics! We so wore the same masks at my friends bach party in ATL! hilarious

  3. Oh have so much fun!! Don't be nervous, just take it all in!! Have a great time! Can't wait to see pics!!

  4. you are going to have an amazing time! your friends know you and wont embarasse you! have a blast!

  5. omg, 18 girls!!!! Ya'll are going to get CRAZY, hahah! Have an amazing time and I can't wait to see the pics :)

  6. more boo.
    Can't even begin to explain my sadness right now...will you please call me at some point?? Oh and P.S. based on the pics it looks like LL is WAY more popular than me:) Just saying!!! Haha...I love you kelly and I hope you have so much fun!

  7. HOW fun!!! Hope its a wonderful time, and I hope your bridesmaids and friends do it up right... vulgarness and all! :)