Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not too much...

Not too much going on here. Just busy with work, trying to get this house decorated, and STILL trying to tie up loose ends for the wedding.

Today, the rest of our furniture will be delivered. Yes, I said the rest. I am so furious! Willy and I had to work that event this weekend so one of his friends met the furniture people at our house so we could get our chair and sofa. Well, Willy gets a call saying they couldn't fit the couch through the door! What???? Yes, they said that since we have a corner right as you walk in the sofa woudn't fit. I was so made I could hardly work the rest of the event. I kept pacing and calling my mom in a panic. We did NOT pay that much money for them to try for 5 minutes and leave! Well, Willy called yesterday and they are going to try and redeliver the sofa today at 5:30. I am going to do all I can to make that dang sofa fit in my house!!!

Whew! I feel much better now. Sorry for sounding like the wicked witch of the west.

This weekend we are heading to my parent's house in Columbus, GA. We both get Good Friday off so we will be leaving late Thursday evening. On Friday Willy and I have our last meeting with our preacher and we have to go by the rehearsal dinner site to figure out the set up of the tables and all. Saturday, Willy will go to the lake house with my dad, and me and mom will go to my dress fitting, shop for her a rehearsal dinner dress, and then meet to the boys at the lake. Sunday we will go to church and then go to my brothers house for all the Easter festivities. This is the first time in years my mom hasn't had Easter at her house. We usually have a house full of kids in their cute Easter outfits running around looking for eggs, but with all the wedding plans getting pretty hectic she decided to let my brother and his wife host this year's get together. I'm excited to see everyone! Hopefully, I will have some cute pics.



  1. You got luckier than we did.. Our sofa wouldn't fit, so the delivery people left it in the driveway.

    They delivered it at 10am. We got home at 5. I kid you not.

    Hope they get it right! Have a good Easter!!

  2. I hate when furniture doesn't fit. I was so worried when I got a new bedroom set that it wouldn't fit. That dresser barely fit, but it did. I hope everything works out!