Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Furniture Fiasco & Sink Saga

So, our second furniture delivery attempt was a SUCCESS!!!! Oh my!!!! Can you believe it? I had such mixed emotions when the guys got the sofa in on the FIRST try. I was so excited that it was in, but even more angry that the other guys couldn't get it in. I mean, I just don't think they should be furniture delivery men without a little geometry background. It was all in the way of the tilt.

Anyway, so here are pictures of the new furniture. We still have so much left to do until it is perfect, such as replace my roomies picture of the couch (way too small and she's moving out in a month) and get the pillows covered to match the kitchen chairs.

This is the sink we have dealt with for WAY too long. Even though I have been begging Willy for stainless steel appliances, I cannot stand stainless sinks. They get so dirty so quick and look so ugly in an all white kitchen. So, we spent the money we made this weekend on a new sink! I am uber excited, Willy not so much. He has worked so hard these past few days trying to get everything fixed perfect. The new sink is bigger than the old sink so we had to buy all kinds of new stuff. Willy went to the store probably 3 or 4 different times.
In the process (Willy's friend, Michael helping out)

The finished product!!!!

So crisp and so clean! I love it!

I will continue to post all our home updates :)
Wedding Wednesday will have to be tomorrow. Couldn't wait to show the furniture!
Happy Hump Day!


  1. That sink looks so much better. I agree with you on a stainless sink. I also love stainless appliances. I also like the furniture you went with. Where did you purchase it at?

  2. ok, so in our new house we have all black appliances and our sink is stainless steel and I HATE HATE it!!! it gets so dirty and never comes clean!! I am dying for a new one!!

  3. I think you have the exact same sink as me! Gotta love whoever designed Savannah's houses!!

    I love that white one!

  4. Yeah!!! Oh i have the same sink before & after. The new one is definately BETTER!!!

  5. Hi...your planning is perfect Hope you get all the things set in quickly.

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  7. I love the new sink. Well worth the $ and effort!

  8. I LOVE that white sink! I want one!!!!