Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bach Party Pictures!!!

Finally, some of the pictures from the weekend. We had so much fun! The first night we got there we went and ate mexican and had margaritas. We waited for the last few girls to arrive while we were sipping our drinks. We had originally said that we were going to take it easy and save up for Saturday night. Well, that did not happen. We went to a fun little country bar (imagine that) and danced to the band. We ended up bar hopping a little bit and not getting home until 4:3oam!!! Oh My! I haven't done that since college. I really don't even know if I ever stayed out that late in college.

First night out in Nashville.

I don't know what kind of face I was making.

Nashville really is the country music capital of the world. There were cowboys and country music everywhere you went. Great change of scenery though. We all loved it. Saturday morning we woke up with, what my mom calls it, "the flu". I made all the girls goody bags for the weekend that included a ring pop, a pack of gum, a pack of goody's powder, and a fun cd that I had Willy make for us. Needless to say, the goody's powder was crucial to the trip!

Once everyone got to feeling better we went to a fun restaurant called Bread & Co. and got lunch. Very confusing but cool place. After that, we all went shopping. With 16 girls, we couldn't all keep up with each other so we split up and met back up at the house.

We started getting showers because Kelly made us dinner reservationsa t 5:30 at this great pizzaria. Everything was set up when we arrived. The salad was delicious and the 4 different pizzas were amazing. We took 3 home for late night snack.

All my sweet friend that made the long trip to make my weekend so great!!!!
This is me before opening all my fun lingerie. Kelly had a list of questions that Willy answered and I had to get the answers right to open a present or take a shot when I got one wrong. I only got like 2 wrong! Yay!

One of my wrong answer consequences...
This was us playing a fun little game with a fun little hunk on the wall..haha!
My silly outfit :)

This night we went to a piano bar where they definitely made me get on stage. Embarrassing but so fun! We ended up bar hopping again around downtown Nashville. Didn't get in to bed until around 4:00am again! Ahh! I'm still recovering.
Nashville was so much fun! I recommend going there to ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I just love Nasvhille... looks like you had a great time!

  2. you look like you had the best time! and you looked adorable!

  3. oh my gosh, sounds so much fun! you had SO many girls come, thats amazing! I love how planned out it was and how cute everyone looks in their outfits...great pictures!

  4. What a fun party! I can't believe how many people came to your party! That's awesome that they were able to make that long trip. You and your friends look too cute!

  5. FUN, FUN, FUN! So glad it was a great time! One you'll never forget!!! You've got great friends!

  6. I love your blog too!! Wedding planning is ALOT of fun. Sometimes I don't want it to end! Enjoy.