Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sneak Preview

So, right now I am sitting on my couch coffee in hand watching tv while Willy is making me breakfast. I think I can definitely get used to this married thing. Last night we didn't end up going to the concert because the weather channel was telling us not to, so we ended up going to Mellow Mushroom with a few other couples and then to a new bar called the Distillery. It's definitely a low key bar/restaraunt with every beer imaginable. Willy was in heaven.

And our bed didn't come yesterday :( The driver called and said he was running behind and they don't do deliveries on the weekend. I'm so angry. The mattresses will be here in a few hours but the bed won't be coming until Monday morning.

Everyone keeps asking about wedding pictures and I was going to wait until we got the professional ones back, but I figured I'd post a few from the big day. These aren't near as good as the real deal but they'll do. I love that all my blogger friends are so interested in our special day. So sweet!!!

My mom helping me get ready.

My mom, my grandmother and my aunt.

Seeing each other for the first time.

Taking pics outside.

More pics.

The candy bar.

A few of the centerpieces.

Willy's cake.

What we left in. And, clearly our names are ALLISON & JIM. With all the personalized stuff at the wedding I couldn't hide it anymore :)

The cart sign says "Allison & Jim the PAR-fect couple". Clearly Jim likes golf :)


  1. Man...who tied those golf balls on for you?? Looks like a tough job someone had??!!:) The pics are SO good...can't wait for the real deal!

  2. You look so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Looks so nice! Can't wait to see the others. My girlfriend has been looking for yellow bridesmaid dresses, where did you get those?

  4. The wedding looks so beautiful and I adore your dress! I have always thought I would like something like that for my wedding one day. You will have to give me some tips now that I will be planning a wedding. I am excited that Jim and you are thinking about joining Wesley, I am going to look at that church for our wedding. It is so beautful! I have had my heart set on getting married there for a long time.

  5. You look stunning. And the wedding came together perfectly. I bet you are waiting on pins and needles for the pro pictures. I know I was after our wedding.

  6. Your dress is gorgeous!! And everything else is beautiful also! Thanks for giving us a sneak peek before the professional pics are posted.

  7. you looked stunning! i cant wait to see more!

  8. You look SO pretty! I teared up when I saw the one of yall first seeing eachother! Cant wait to see the professional ones!

  9. i just found your blog. I LOVE bride blogs! they are the greatest.

    you have a new follower.

    your pics are beyond gorgeous! i love all the detail with the candy bar and centerpieces!

  10. simply gorgeous!! you looked awesome!

  11. Love these pictures, they are beautiful. I think the idea of a candy bar is brilliant and I am hoping to have one at my wedding :)

  12. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your candy bar - and his cake! Y'all are an adorable couple!!