Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Daddy!

Today is my dad's birthday! He is the big 55. My mom had a big party for him this past weekend at their lake house. Jim and I couldn't make it and I was so sad. I called her while everyone was there and they sounded like they were having a blast. My parents are coming to visit us in a few weeks, so Jim and I are going to make dinner for them to celebrate his birthday and father's day.

I know everyone says this, but my dad is the greatest dad ever! My favorite thing about my dad is that he can do ANYTHING! He is Mr. Handyman. He can be such a man's man, but he is also the sweetest man I know (other than Jim) :)

My favorite memories with my dad are when I was little I used to go to the driving range with him every Thursday night so he could hit golf balls. I know I was just in the way but he took me every time! All I would was talk and distract him and ask to him some balls of my own.

Another memory would be when he would bring me a milkshake every Friday when he picked me up from daycare. All my friends would run over to him screaming "Hey Allison's dad...will you swing us on your leg". He was infamous for the leg swing. He was so tall that it was nothing for him to swing around a few 5 year olds. haha!

Here's me and my dad.

Here is a picture of my dad at the wedding! haha! He was dancing with all my friends around him. This is why I love him!!!

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!


  1. How sweet! I totally have to make my husband learn the "leg rides" (what we called them) before we have kids. Thanks for reminding me of a favorite memory!

  2. aww sweet!! there is nothing quite like a Dad is there?! They are the best! Happy Birthday to your father!

  3. Aw your blog is the cutest!!

  4. your dad sounds like so much fun! happy birthday to him!