Thursday, June 11, 2009

My skin

So, last night's dinner went great. Our guests seemed to really enjoy our menu and we had so much fun just catching up with them. We were all yawning my 9:00pm, so it was a quick and fun dinner.

Since my friend Summer, who came over last night, has been working at her new job at a medical spa I have spent way too much money! She definitely gives me a discount on everything I get, but the oringinal cost of these things are ridiculous. My latest purchase there has been a great skincare line that I just love! It's called IS clinical. Sometimes I'll just stop by the spa on my lunch break and talk to her and owner and its crazy how much more I should be doing to my skin. My mom has always taken great care of her skin and you can definitely tell, but I don't do as well. I mean I wash my face every night and wear sunscreen all the time, but after talking to them I need to be doing a lot more. So, I thought it was worth it to purchase these items.

This is my new regime

This is the facewash that I use only a tiny bit of every night. I've only been using it for about a week and I can totally tell a difference. My face just feels healthy (might just be in my head). It removes the 'bad' oils in your face and keeps the good ones, it removes ALL my makeup, and it cleans out my pores like never before.

This is the active serum that I use after I do a facial scrub. I do the scrub every other day, but I use this everyday(night). This little bottle is a whopping $180! I pay no where near that so don't think I'm crazy. It gives your face a little tingle after using it and I just love it! This stuff is anti-aging (which they say is never too early to start doing), anti-acneic (I get my occassional pimples still), and it's also a brightening serum.

Summer also gives me all kinds of samples such as, facial sunscreen, lip scrub, and really great body lotion. I really like her working there :)

My next purchase there will be this.

It's called eyebrow threading. I am a litte nervous about this because I heard it is quite painful. I saw someone perform this interesting procedure and it was amazing. The girl did it so quick and the eyebrows looked great! I have the thickest hair and my eyebrows grow so quick. I am not good at getting them waxed every month so half of the time they look terrible. Eyebrow threading is supposed to make the results last a lot longer. It causes no irritation or redness. I am going to do a little more research and will probably watch Summer get hers done before I take the pludge.

Tonight is the actual jewelry party I mentioned last week, so I will let you know about my purchases. Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. please let us know how the new prodcuts work! i am always looking for great skin care products!

  2. Threading does hurt! I've had it done a couple of times and I thought it hurt, similar to plucking. My eyebrows did look great though afterwards, good luck!

  3. I get my eyebrows threaded. It takes a bit longer than waxing, and does hurt a bit b/c it's not one quick rip, but it doesn't stress your skin out as much as waxing. Try it, you know... no pain no gain!

  4. well...let us know how the threading goes!!!!

  5. I've had my eyebrows threaded once...and I'd probably do it again, because my brows were SO fresh and crisp looking.

    Only a couple weird things: 1. it didn't hurt exactly, it actually kind of felt like little pinches. 2. they also threaded above the brow a little bit. I'm not sure that you're "supposed to" do that. & it may have just been the particular lady that did mine. But...something to think about! ;)

  6. Please keep us updated on the threading- a few of my girlfriends do it and their brows look AMAZING- I mean like ...where did you get them done?!..good lol