Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy bees

So, we have been little busy bees lately and its not over yet. Friday Jim's dad and stepmom came in town which was fun. We really didn't do much other than eat, beach it up, and sit around and talk. We ate some good seafood Friday night and then went to the beach all day Saturday. The boys fished and the girls laid out and read our books. My camera went dead one me so I only got one picture from the entire weekend. Bummer.

Here's Jim with his dad at dinner.

When his dad left Sunday, his mom came to the beach. She rented a house on Tybee Island and we went straight there. This house was beautiful AND it was RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the house where Miley his filming her entire movie! We watched for her everyday and then we talked to one of the producers and they said she wasn't filming there this week and this week only :( She was actually filming on Skidaway Island right up the street for some of the hospital shots. We were so upset.

Here's my MIL watching tv the first day she got there.

Here I am waiting on everyone to go to the beach.
The view from the kitchen.

Jim in his swim gear eating boiled peanuts.
Tressa with her Hannah Montana build-a-bear.
Jim getting out of the water.

The family at dinner.

Me and the cousins.

The view at the resturaunt.
We saw this cute little sign on the side of the road and made Tressa jump out and take a picture with it. Tressa Belle is obsessed with Miley. She gave us a show that night. She sang all of her songs at the top of her lungs. So cute!

This was the on top of the house.

My friend Summer came to visit us yesterday and we decided to rent bikes. Yes, those margaritas in the cupholders :)

Since the beach is only about 15 minutes from our house, we are going back tonight. The MIL has a few of her friends there right now so we are going to cook out with them. I can't wait! It's like a mini vacation for Jim and I. We love it!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


  1. great pictures! I am so jealous of the beach pics! I wanna go so bad!

  2. What a fun time you are having! I could use a beach day!

  3. margaritas in the cup holders is the best idea ever!!! looks like you had a fun weekend!

  4. Ahhh! Your post really made me anxious for my beach vacation. = )

  5. Haha! Everyone is talking about Hannah Montana here, but what a fabulous house and beach vacay! Great pics, I love reading your blog!

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  6. Very cute pics, looks like fun! :)

  7. I'm really wanting some Crab Shack now...