Friday, August 14, 2009

Boring Blogger

I know I have been the most boring blogger EVER! But, that has seriously been my life lately....boring. A few things we've been doing:

1. Watching the heck out of some Big Brother 11! Jim and I love this show. I have no idea why, we just do. It gives us something to look forward to watching together since we don't ever agree on tv shows. He watches golf and I watch chick flicks. We finally met in the middle and are really enjoying it!

2. Jim has finally started his MBA and I couldn't be more proud of him! He has always been such a hardworker, but to be able to go back to school after being out for a while takes dedication. Kudos to everyone who has done that! Him staying up every night doing homework has proved to me that there is just no way I could do it again! I know that is so selfish of me to say, but I just can't imagine. I am happy where I am at in my job and know I will move up just fine without more schooling :)

3. Tonight Jim and I are having a little date night. We have a giftcard to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse which I am very excited about. We are going to get all dressed up, eat steak, drink wine, and enjoy being together with nothing to do on a Friday night. I can't wait!

4. Tomorrow we are going to his hometown for a baby shower, but first we are stopping through our old college town so I can eat lunch with my friend who is getting married in December and so Jim can hit some golf balls. I can't wait to see her and do a litte shopping.

The baby shower is a couples shower and should be really fun! I should have plenty of pictures.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Have a great weekend, sounds like you have some fun things planned! :)

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend!! Hope you have a great time!! = )

  3. ew date night sounds super fun. and BB is something that matt and i like to watch together too! we love that is it on 3 times a week - since there is really nothing else on in the summer!

    have fun at your baby shower. happy friday!

  4. i hope you have a fabulous time!

  5. sounds like a great weekend! I have been a boring blogger lately too. I don't have time to put together a worth post anymore...I'm trying! Don't feel bad...I still read it!