Tuesday, August 11, 2009

His Best Friend's Wedding

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we went to Atlanta this weekend for Jim's best friends wedding. We had a great time catching up with friends. I really love all of Jim's friends from school and from his hometown and I love seeing them when we can. Friday night rehearsal dinner was nice and very yummy! Us dates didn't make it to the actual rehearsal so we met up with them at the restaurant. It was an Italian place and it was delicious. After all that was said and done, we went out to a nearby bar for a little while. I think we laughed at the boys 75% of the time. Here are a few pictures from the night.

Me and Jim

Our friends Laura and Kyle
Me and LauraThe boys acting silly. Always doing some crazy dances.
Me and Laura again.

The wedding was a really pretty outdoor wedding. It was simple and very sweet.

Here are the boys all lined up.
Jim's best freind's wife and their little girl Briley after the ceremony.

Here's a few of us girls at the reception.

Jim and his mom dancing. They always steal the show when they dance. So cute!
Me and Jim dancing.

I wish I had more pictures but I don't. I have been really bad about remebering to take pictures. More like, I've been to lazy to carry my purse which holds my camera :)
Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. i love wedding pics! you look great and so happy :)

  2. love the pics! where was the wedding? (i live in ATL)

  3. Ive never heard of that place, but it looks really nice from the pics!

  4. Looks like y'all had a great time!! Loved the pics!

  5. looks like y'all had a good time!!!!

  6. Cute pictures! :)
    Glad you had an awesome time!