Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just one of those days....

My hair would already be pulled out at work if I wasn't going home to this on my doorstep....

(My latest JCrew purchase, extra 20% off sale price)

And, to this sweet boy to eat dinner with and complain to...

And, this to curl up on the couch and watch with exibit above...

And maybe even one of these.

Like I said, it's just one of those days here at work...


  1. Go enjoy your wine, boy, and television! :)
    That jacket is fab, love the color! :)

  2. Love the Jacket! Hope you have a better night especially since Big Brother is coming on....

    Love you Blog.

  3. but look at all you have to look forward to at home tonight!! YAHOO!!!!

  4. OMG thanks for reminding me that BB is on tonight! i cant wait to see what they are going to do - or what COOCOO crazy girl lydia will do next!

  5. Love the jacket-are Jcrew packages the best way to make your day!

  6. sounds like a lot of good stuff to come home too!! hope you have a great weekend!! = )

  7. Hope today's a better day! Its Friday, so what could be better?!?!? :)