Monday, September 28, 2009

Catch up!

I am going to have to play a little game of catch up this week because last week I had the darn FLU! Yuck!!! It was horrible! I mean miserable! I really thought I was dodging the flu because it seemed that everyone had it but me. Well, I was wrong. After my open house at work Tuesday night I started feeling bad. My body started aching and I was freezing but burning up. Jim took my temp and it was at 100.1. By the time I went to bed it was already at 103.1. I was really feeling it. We went to the doctor the next day and I tested postitive for the flu. Bummer! My parents were on their way to stay with us because they were heading to Greece for 3 weeks and I didn't even get to see them :( I was super sad. Jim had to meet them at the hotel to get their dog and I never saw them. I am still sad about that. So, I am emailing them as we speak. I miss them so much but I know they are having the time of their lives. Every 5 years they take a big trip with my aunt and uncle (without the kids). They've been to England for Princess Diana's funeral, a cruise to Alaska, and now Italy and Greece. I can't remember the other places. Must be nice, huh?

This week we have our Junior League Thrift Sale so I have 3 shifts I have to cover. Saturday is the actual sale day so I will work my morning shift from 9-12 and then I'm done! Until then, I will be a busy girl. Yesterday, Jim worked the 'Bod Squad' haha! I signed him up for that without him knowing. So, after church we we went over to the covic center so he could lift all the heavy items for us girls. It was funny to see all the guys who obviously didn't want to be there, sweat and strain for us girls who just stood there and gossiped. It was fun though!

I will play catch up again tomorrow! Happy Monday!


  1. Glad your feeling better..Wish I could go to Greece and Italy! : )

  2. Hope you have a quick "recovery", I was recently sick and couldn't shake it forever, ughh no fun.