Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First game recap

A few words to recap the weekend....

Short (always)
Exciting (gamedays are usually exciting)
Relaxing (other than the game we didn't do much)
Funny (never a dull moment with that tailgating crowd)
Tasty (lots and lots of good food)
And Very Very
HOT!!! (Jim says sometimes I can be a drama queen when it comes to heat, but I swear it was scorching hot!)

I couldn't even make it into the game. I sent Jim into the game without me. I had to sit under our tent at the tailgate because I was tired of sweating. ha! We had a great time sitting around eating, tailgating, catching up with freinds and just laughing! At game time I just couldn't take the heat anymore. I told Jim to go ahead in without me as I sat and sipped on a wonderfil wine spritzer my friend Ellen made. By the time he got back from the game I was hungry so a group of us went to a restaurant called The Mill House to get dinner and then we headed back to Savannah for bed. It was a perfect day! Football for the husband, food and early bedtime for the wife :)

Sunday I just laid around while Jim finished up some Master's homework and then we cooked out with some friends that night. Monday we spent the day at the beach and went to an early dinner on a an outside porch at a fun little place near our house called Flying Fish. A great way to finish up a holiday weekend!

I only took a few pictures at the game.

Here they are.

This was when the band decided to come to our tailgate and give us a little preview. It was cute.

Didn't know this band guy, but he said to me "Don't you want a picture with me?" So, I was like "Well, sure buddy!". Haha! Poor thing.

I can't find the picture I took of me and Jim :( For some reason it won't upload.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great short week!


  1. I am glad you had a good time! That dress is very cute! Don't 3 day weekends seem to fly by!

  2. you are so cute in your pics! GA is always TOO hot!! side note: i should be used to it, i was born in albany, ga and moved to athens when i was 19. nope, still not used to it!!

  3. oh i just LOVE tailgating. im so sad im going to miss out on all the razorback games this year. will be the first year ever i havent made it back home for a game. tailgate extra hard for me next time :)

  4. Glad you had a good time, I love all your cute tailgating outfits!

  5. girl--I can't take the heat either! We're soul sisters!! hee-hee