Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Debut!

Yesterday we recieved copies of the magazine that our wedding was featured in. Southern Views Magazine is a wonderful little magazine from my hometown that started 5 years ago. It is definitely the stylish 'go to' magazine that everyone reads...clearly, because my mom and I both have gotten many many calls saying they saw our wedding in the August Issue. I was beyond pleased/honored when I saw it in person. Not only did our photographer capture the special moments of our big day, but so did this magazine. It was so great seeing our wedding on one page summarized as the "Keller-Willis Wedding". It brought back all the butterflies I had that day.
This is the cover.
And this is our page. I just love it. This will be something so special to put into our little wedding box I have to show our kids :)

We also got our wedding video FINALLY and watched it last night! Amazing!!!! It was 2 hours and 17 minutes long so Jim and I fixed us a glass of wine and watched it on the couch. Perfect night!

It was so great reliving that amazing day! So many things happened that we totally missed. They showed all us girls getting ready which was so special to me. I heard comments on the video that I missed in person like "Doesn't she look amazing?", "I am so happy for her and Jim", "Look how she is just glowing with happiness". I could've died when I heard all that! My friends mean so much to me and to have them there with me that day was the best part of having such great girls in my life. They were so sweet that day (and always are) and wanted to do anything they could to help me and to make that day just perfect for Jim and I. I am just so thankful.

The first part of the video I was tearing up and the second part I was holding my stomach laughing. The first part was the ceremony and you can hear Jim saying to me as we are standing at the altar "You look gorgeous" and "Are you ok"...things I really don't remember him saying at the time. The second half of the video was the reception, the dancing, and the 'interviews'. We had such a great time that night and it definitely showed on this video! I already want to watch it again. We are going to my MIL's house this weekend I think I will watch the entire thing with her AGAIN because I loved it that much. Having a videographer at our wedding is something I will be thankful for for years and years to come! I am very pleased with our decision.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Congratulations! That must be so exciting for you. I hope you put a few copies away for the kids and grand kids. Not many people can say their wedding was in a magazine!

  2. congratulations on your wedding being published!!!!!!!!! It looks fabulous!!!!!!!!

  3. omg, when i read "Doesn't she look amazing?", "I am so happy for her and Jim", "Look how she is just glowing with happiness" it made me tear up! that is so awesome that the videographer caught that and you got to watch it play out. love that!!!

  4. Amazing pics! Who was your photographer? I would like to check them out!

  5. Congrats! I will definitely have to get a videographer for mine! That is so special!

  6. That is great, I def. want a videographer when I get married! :)

  7. It looks like a lovely occasion, and how fun to be able to look at your wedding video!

    Have a splendid weekend!

  8. oh my gosh! how awesome is that!!!
    amazing photos! you were one BEAUTIFUL bride!!

    btw, just happened upon your blog ;)