Monday, September 14, 2009

Maternity shopping with the bestie

So, i just got back into work from shopping with one of my preggo besties. We had such a great time at the maternity clothing store. I swear I could've worn half of the clothes she tried on and been very comfortable (the other half would've been too tight). My friend Whitney has always been a size zero and STILL IS! All that has grown is her belly! Every outfit she tried on, me and the owner of the store "oooohhh'd & ahhhh'd" over it. She probably spent way more money than her husband wanted her to, but it was ok she looked cute in everything she bought :). After spending hours at the store we went to lunch and talked more about babies and other fun stuff. I sure miss being in the same town as all my best friends. At least I get to see a bunch of them this weekend at a shower in our college town.


  1. I hope when i get pregnant that I'm one of the cute preggo people who only gain in the belly and stay skinny everywhere else. Not like I'm skinny now but a girl can dream! :)

  2. aw, glad your friend is a cute preggo : )

  3. i so hope i am one of those cute preggos too!