Thursday, September 17, 2009

My creative juices are flowing

For more than one reason. The first reason is because of the Holidays! I love decorating for each and every holiday. When decorating a small condo you definitely have to get creative. I can't do my favorite things like decorate a front porch with pumpkin topiaries, have fall colored mums in the front yard, and of course give out candy at HALLOWEEN! I'm so upset about this. Thank goodness Jim and I will be with 2 of our favorite couples on Halloween night so I won't think about not having a house to give out candy at. I went to my fav store Tar-Jay this week and made some fabulous fall purchases for the house. I got some cute waffled towels with pumkins on them for only $2 (for 2 of them), a really cute door mat, a wreath, and some other small things. I then hopped over to Big Lots, another fav of mine, to get some small frosted like pumkins to fill my hurricane glass that goes on my kitchen table. I must say, it looks too cute!

Another reason my creative juices are flowing is because we are hosting that tailgating shower THIS weekend. Wow, that crept up on us quick! The forecast says its going to rain so I'm in full panic mode. What in the world will we do if it rains? Oh my Word!

I've had all these cute ideas of hanging pictures of the couple from the tent with ribbon, playing games, grilling hamburgers, but it looks like all that is going to fall through. Jim and I stayed up last night cutting fabric for the tables, washing off the tables, getting all the paper products together, writing down what food we're going to have, calling around to see if we have enough tents and chairs and I will just die if all this falls through because of the stinkin rain.
Just thinking about it is making me nervous. So, I am going to stop.

Tonight we have supper club. I am very excited about this because each couple is making their own pizza. How cute is that? The couple hosting it is supplying just about everything but a few toppings. We are bringing peppers. I will probably try to make some kind of dessert as well :)

One more day until Friday!!!

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  1. I love shopping for holiday decorations! :)
    And a supper club sounds like so much fun!