Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pitty Party for Pittsburgh

Yes, I am throwing myself a pitty party because Jim has gone on a business trip to Pittsburgh. This will be the longest we have been apart since we have been married. :( No Fun! We weren't together all this weekend because I went home to spend the weekend with my family while he worked and then I came home Sunday night to a very clean house and a wonderful meal. He had cooked us a bacon wrapped chicken dinner with pasta, veggies and a glass of wine. It was so sweet. It was all set up with a candle and all on the table when I walked in the door. He knew we weren't going to see each all week so he was so sweet!

Last night we packed up his bags. We made a checklist and had everything so organized. When I say we, I mean I. I'm a clean/organized/weirdo when it comes to traveling. I got him all kinds of travel sized stuff. He was so embarrassed but I think he was secretly glad I did all that for him :) Well, I like to think that.

He just called saying they landed and they are on the way to their hotel and then he has to go straight to all these meetings. Yuck! I guess I won't hear from him for a while.

I am trying to stay busy while he's gone. Today is one of my bestie's birthdays so we are doing dinner either tonight or tomorrow night, I have about 30 loads of laundry I have been putting off until this week, I am getting all of our tailgating stuff together for this weekend, I am going to attempt to do a few spinning classes, and I am going to be in bed by 9:00 every night! I am very excited about going to bed early!

I hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday!


  1. Sounds like you have a lot to keep ya busy! Hope you have a great week! = )

  2. wow...what a busy few days you'll have! We're tailgating Saturday too! Go Gators!

  3. Your going to be a busy bee aren't you! :)

  4. At least you have a lot to keep you busy! :)