Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear Rain:

Could you purdy please go away? I am going to my parents lake house this weekend to ride their new boat and I need you to be nowhere in sight. I had to run to my car this morning carrying my lunch, my laptop, and my purse and you soaked everything. I left my umbrella in the car yesterday...darnit. You have been following me around all week and all I am asking is that you take a little vacation to somewhere far far away. My hubby has to stay home and work all weekend and that means I have to drive by myself there and back. You know you and I don't mesh well while driving. I get all nervous to where I can't listen to the radio or answer my phone. I CANNOT be by myself and not talk on the phone for 4 hours. Please work on this. Thanks and I'm sure I'll see you again next week.

A soaked wife


  1. The rain has been bad here. I am sick of it!

  2. boo on rain! i hope it goes away in time for your fun weekend!

  3. hilarious... hope it goes away & you get lots of sunshine on the lake this weekend!!!