Monday, October 26, 2009

Bff's Engagement Shower Recap

So, this weekend was my bff's engagement shower. Thanks to everyone for all the great gift suggestions. I had originally planned to get the whole garden basket with monogrammed sutff inside, but when I walked into HomeGoods I was taken over by the Christmas Spirit. I finally had an excuse to buy Christmas stuff this early. I've slowly bought myself some x-mas decor, but I got the cutest stuff for Kelly and Will. I did a dark wood picnic basket and stuffed it with all kinds of x-mas entertaining stuff. It turned out really cute! I wish I would've taken a picture of it. The shower was Home & Garden but the dinner was a Picnic Supper, so everything was outside in a beautiful backyard and the dinner was picnic style. Everything was bagged, so the picnic basket gift went perfectly.

We had such a great time. Since Jim had to stay in Savannah and work and Alabama was playing my dad stayed home and my mom and I went together. Which was good because it was great for me to catch up with all my high school girlfriends and for my mom to catch up with their moms. It was chilly but they had a fire outside and the wine didn't hurt either :)

Here's the sweet couple.

Some of the guys from high school.

Sweet Kelly.

Another bff of mine, Claire and her husband Jamie.

Some of the girls.

Another bff, Jenna and her husand Caleb.
The girls and our moms.
One of the only pictures I made it in.

Even though the weekend was short it was well worth it. One of my college friends got married this weekend as well and I truly struggled what to do about going. What a hard decision. I decided that being the matron of honor for Kelly and with her and Will living in Nashville they probably won't have many showers/parties that I can make it to. It's so hard making all the weddings and showers at this age. I feel so bad missing them but I feel like I made the right decision being there for Kelly and Will.
Anyway, Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. What a fun time!! And you and your friends look so cute!!!

  2. That is such a cute gift...looks like you all had a good time! :)

  3. That looks like such a fun time. Everyone looks so gorgeous! Those don't even look like moms!