Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Card Craft

Oh, how I love Christmas cards! I just love seeing my family and friends' pictures each year and seeing how they've changed from the previous year. Some are cute, some are sweet, and some are funny. Some families get bigger and some are just beginnning. It's always nice to have more Christmas cards than bills in the mail :)

Jim was beginning to get aggitated everytime he opened the refrigerator door one or two cards would fall off. So, his idea was to clip them to the iron fixture above our kitchen table. I thought NO WAY! That is tacky and it will not happen! Well, it actually works better than the fridge (may not look better) and it's also a great convo piece while we're eating dinner. We usually just look up at it and talk about the newest card we get. I love it!

Here a few pics I snapped.

Only a week til Christmas!!!


  1. awe that's cute! I wish we had more cards! Seems like people are slacking this year on sending cards!

  2. Y'all have a lot!!! They are all so cute! It doesn't seem like very many of our family members and friends send out cards anymore! It makes me sad, but Thomas and I are always going to send them out! It is so much fun to let your friends and family know you remembered them during the season!

  3. LOVE IT!!!! yay for hubby! Great idea! I love christmas cards too!