Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is it really over???

Is Christmas over already? I always have such a great time being home with my family and seeing all my old friends from high school. Jim and I were in my hometown for a week so we had time to do and see a lot. It was great! I could probably do multiple posts on our visit but I'll just mention the highlights. Some of my favorite moments were:

* Having my Mother in Law and Brother in Law come to town and exchange presents with. My parents loved having them at our house!

* Having dinner with this sweet couple. Theyhad us over to their house for a scrumptous dinner and then we went to this cute little restaurant for dessert/drinks. That might be the last time we see them until Baby Davis is here!!!

* Christmas Eve Mother/Daughter Brunch with all my friends from high school.

* Night out with more friends from high school.

* Riding around with my family looking at Christmas lights. We do it every year. This house was one of those that is in sync with a radio station. Very neat! You could leave a donation and all the proceeds go to Make A Wish Foundation.

* Christmas Night at my uncle's house with my dad's side of the family.

My cousin Alex. His brother Jake will be here in April!

* Going to my brother's house to see what my nephews got from Santa.

* Visiting my brother's hunting land and cabin with the whole family. Interesting animals in there.

So much to be thankful for. We have such a wonderful family and such great friends.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!