Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years ResolutionS

Jim and I decided to do our resolutions together this year. I am not very good at sticking to NY resolutions so I am hoping it will be easier knowing I have someone to do it with.

We actually have 3.

1. Get more involved at church-
We love our church family and we get so much out of our involvement there. We are going to get more involved in our Sunday School, Jim is going to continue his Tuesday morning Bible study and he starts ushering on January 8th, I will continue my Women's Circle, and we are going to be very adament about not missing church.

2. Get healthy-
We want to start working out more and eating healthier. We want to motivate each other to work out and I am determined to cook healthy meals. I can do this! Usually Jim goes to the grocery store on Sundays and I stay home and clean the house. Well, we are going to start going together like we used to so we can make sure we only buy healthy stuff. We are also going to get a workout schedule going so we can atleast walk 3-4 times a week. I love walking with Jim because its great just talking and catching up on everything!

3. Budget Better-
We HAVE GOT to start saving better! We were doing so good when we first got married about putting a good chunk in our savings account and then when the holiday season rolled around we used that spare money on gifts. Well, we are back on the saving train! We are going to really watch our money. We are going to cut back on eating out and I am going to watch my shopping habits (oops!). So, if I do a shopping post send me hate mail!!!

I REALLY hope we stick to these resolutions. I would be one happy girl!