Thursday, January 14, 2010

Total Slacker or Boring Life?

Maybe a little bit of both.

I have definitely ignored my blog a little lately. Ok, maybe more than a little. It's been over a week. Whoa!

If I'm not working, I'm either at home watching my favorite reality shows or running crazy on the weekends. As of right now, mine and Jim's favorite shows consists of:

Desperate Housewives
The Bachelor
Jersey Shore
Real Housewives
Anything on HGTV

Basically, TRASH TV. It looks like all we do is watch tv but in all honesty we only get to watch tv for about an hour a day. I just can't stop watching all these stupid reality series. Its ridiculous and addictive! We need help. I've gotten poor Jim addicted to them all...even Desperate Housewives and The Bachelor (he would die if he knew I told the cyber world that).

On another note, my sweet parents are coming to visit this weekend and I couldn't be more thrilled. Jim and I have a lot planned for them. We are planning to cook a good meal Friday night because his mom is coming as well and then Saturday we will probably just shop around and just piddle downtown. Saturday night we will hopefully go out to eat somewhere fun. Sunday morning we will be going to our church for our bell choir show and then Jim is entering a chili cookoff our church is doing that afternoon. That will be interesting. They are staying through Monday so that will be nice not having them leave Sunday.

Tonight I guess Jim and I will be cleaning and grocery shopping. What an exciting life we lead. haha! I wouldn't change a thing though!


  1. Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead! I hope you have fun with your parents!

  2. I have gotten my hubby hooked on watched the Bachelor too (and he would die as well if knew that I shared that!). Have a great weekend w/ your parents!

  3. Big Man watched a marathon of the Secret Life of An American Teenager with me....and he loved every minute of it! :)

  4. as long as your happy that's all that matters! hope you have a great weekend with the rents! I can't wait for my parents to come visit me!

  5. I know what you mean about Trash TV...I can't stop either...I love it! haha!
    Don't you just love Jersey Shore..I mean it's awful, but I love it!

  6. The hubs is totally addicted to Desperate Housewives too and watches it with me every week! At first I thought he was just doing it for me, but now I realize he really likes the show too!